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4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within your £55m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Welcome to online fantasy club cricket.

Points scoring will start as of Saturday 4th June

Entry fee is £10. Prize dependant on entries. 

Team Manager Points
 1Lisas maraudersLisa Earnshaw4742
 2C Birds Barmy ArmyCameron Field4578
 3McGrath‘s men Cameron McGrath4475
 4HDog‘s HeroesHenry Wise4406
 5Deadly X1DAZ HiNCHLIFFE4395
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1Amir Afzal£8.3m511
 2Ben Cockshaw£5.5m424
 3Chris Earnshaw£4.0m384
 4Darren Hinchliffe£6.5m337
 5Harry Edmonds£2.0m196
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Name Value Points
 1Mudhasar Butt£6.0m894
 2Kyrone Cooper£4.5m315
 3Jack Wallis£5.0m294
 4George Sykes-Kenworthy£6.5m233
 5James Sunderland£6.5m226
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Name Value Points
 1Muhammad Kashif£9.0m666
 2Ibrar Hussain£8.3m601
 3David Dyson£5.5m125
 4Jay Smith£3.0m86
 5James Rawlinson£5.5m0
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Name Value Points
 1Sam Clegg£5.5m453
 2Cameron Field£4.0m251
 3Luke Kenworthy£2.0m0
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Game 12 Stats

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